Pregnancy Meditation Bundle


  • Learn to still and clam the overactive pregnant mind
  • Enables you to relax and focus your concentration
  • Helps deal with physical and emotional stresses

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Welcome to your Om Moms to be mediation bundle. Do you have an overactive mind in pregnancy which may produce worries or even interfere with your sleep? Meditation at this precious time in your life can help you cope with a variety of emotional and physical stresses as it enables you to relax and focus your concentration. As stress levels decrease your peace of mind is enhanced.

In this meditation bundle there are 5 guided relaxations. 3 of them are specifically designed Hypnobirthing relaxations designed for coping with pregnancy, birth preparation, and releasing fear. The other 2 are guided imagery audios where you will go on a journey to take you away, to escape and rest the busy mind.

Come join me on a journey of all things Om in the mind.


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