Prenatal Online

Hypnobirthing and full Birth Preparation course

Want to make your birth better? This online course is self paced, easy to follow and recommended anytime after 20 weeks to get you mind and body ready. It will help enable you to make informed decisions with a calm, clear mind, be confident in yourself, your pregnancy and your birth. Create your own positive birthing experience with help from The Om Moms.

The full online course includes the Hypnobirthing Bundle below. The Hypnobirthing Bundle focuses on the mind and breathe where as the full online course encompasses the mind body connection and birth education. 


Yoga and Wellness Pregnancy Pack

Want to enjoy a fit and healthy pregnancy? Did you know that practicing prenatal yoga and relaxing the mind regularly in pregnancy will reduce stress and anxiety, improve your sleep and help your body become stronger and more flexible. This pack includes breathing for pregnancy and, stretching and yoga sequences to strengthen the body which are all safe and comfortable with a growing bump and relaxations to de stress the anxious mind. Join me on the mat for a full mind and body experience to enhance your pregnancy journey.


Hypnobirthing Bundle

Your Hypnobirthing Bundle of audios and videos. This bundle is included in the online course or you can purchase it separately here. So what is in the Bundle? 3 x Hypnobirthing tracks where you will be guided through pregnancy, childbirth and fear release which can be listened to often to re programme the mind, 3 x breathing techniques to be used in pregnancy and preparation for birth and your Om Moms positive affirmations which you can play daily on a loop to induce positivity into the mind. Included is a bonus 45 minute prenatal yoga video to practice to in preparation for birth.

This is a good bundle if you are interested in mind release in pregnancy to become calm and focused or maybe you did a course on your last pregnancy and are looking for new tracks and techniques to improve on. 


Pregnancy Breathing Bundle

Learn the important breathing techniques to keep you calm in pregnancy and each day allow yourself to be to that oh so Om mom. Use these techniques daily and take that Om into your doctors appointments and the labour room. Learn how to breathe on the big day itself to connect your mind and body together to work through the surges in a confident manner and empowered  to breathe your baby down. This is a bundle including 4 videos.  2 x breathing techniques for pregnancy and 2 x breathing techniques for birth.


Pregnancy Meditation Bundle

Allow your mind to escape on a journey of all things Om adn learn to relax. In this bundle you will find Meditation audios and videos to allow even the busiest of minds to let go. Included are videos with 3 x Hypnobirthing tracks where you will be guided through pregnancy, childbirth and fear release which can be listened to often to re programme the mind. You will also receive 2 x guided imagery relaxations to help with baby bonding and that all important moms sleep. This is the Bundle for you if you are looking to take time out in the mind during pregnancy to allow yourself to enter Birth and Motherhood calmly.