THIS CLASS IS SUITABLE FOR BABIES (6 weeks postpartum) UP UNTIL CRAWLING. Moms please make sure you are physically ready for light exercise again. The yoga for two and yoga for Mom is suitable postnatally looking at Back, Abs and Pelvic floor repair. If you wish to come before your check up you may join in with the baby yoga and I will offer light suitable stretches.

There are weekly classes where you can buy a block to have more yoga for your money or just drop in (but book in) on the weeks you wish. Some venues classes are followed by breakfast. See you specific class day/ location to see what is on offer.

There is no previous yoga experience required  and you can take the class at your own pace. We go with the flow literally. Some weeks you and your baby will get all of the yoga done and others you may feed and chat whilst others yoga. There is no pressure to do anything but you will always get something from the session as it is spilt up into sections to cater for everyone.

The Om Moms classes are specifically designed for Moms and new babies. This is a fun and active class with yoga for baby, yoga for two and yoga for Mom. For baby there are simple stretches to help build strength and flexibility (and also help aid, relieve gas and colic and help baby sleep!), yoga poses for two to connect and move together and yoga for Mom focusing on rebuilding the muscles and areas affected when pregnant and giving birth. All this and so much more.  Come along and meet your new mom gang at The Om Mom and baby yoga classes.



THIS CLASS IS SUITABLE FOR NEWBORN BABIES UP UNTIL CRAWLING. This class can be started from birth for both Mom and Baby. Babies respond well to massage in the early days and there is no physical activity for Mom so this class can be started before your check up as long as you feel good to get out and about again!

Baby massage is run in 6 week blocks on specific dates – please check the booking system schedule. You can join the full 6 week block starting on week one or buy single classes and choose any weeks you wish to come. 

Touch is so important in the early stages so cuddle your baby, use skin to skin, boost your relaxation hormones and massage your baby. You will learn how to safely massage your baby whilst spending time to bond, help induce relaxation into your baby, and relax together. What happens each week? Click to find out more.

Also we will be joined by guest speakers including a baby sleep consultant, baby wearing specialist, breast feeding consultant and a post partum doula throughout the course. Specific guest speakers coming to your baby massage block will be advertised on the booking pages. Classes also will include a breakfast or brunch package to meet the Moms which is optional when booking.

Also its not all about Mom and baby, on the weekend once a month there is a parents and baby massage session where both (or one) parents gets to come and learn the art of baby massage and baby yoga stretches and meet other new Moms and Dads.