How to be the Birth Partner of Dreams

Want to be the best birth partner ever? The one all moms rave on about and make others jealous? Well this is how and I will keep it short and sweet as I know I only have about 30 seconds of your time (birth partner). Here are your top 5 ways to be awesome at...
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My Birth Story

MY BIRTH STORY AND WHY IT WASN’T THE STORY I WANTED TO WRITE I myself didn’t have the best experience with my childbirth, it wasn’t bad and this is not a birth horror story but afterwards it  got me thinking, how could I have made this better. I mean I know it’s too late but...
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How to fit a prenatal yoga practice into a busy daily routine

You’re busy. And that’s before you became pregnant. Now you’re even busier as life continues with work, family, social life although that lessens as we learn to say NO! but I’ll go more into that in a minute. Trimester 1 Trimester one you’re tired as the body adjusts to the change and quite possibly sick...
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what to pack in your pregnancy hospital bag

What to pack in your Pregnancy Hospital Bag in 2023 Top Tips

It’s that all important time to start packing your hospital bag but then you think what actually goes into a hospital bag? You Google what do moms pack in their  hospital bag and endless lists appear and quite often of the brand that has written the list advertising what they sell to go in. So...
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When it is time to say hello and goodbye to your prenatal yoga practice

When is the right time to start (and end) prenatal yoga? I mean your thinking ‘I’m pregnant right so I should come to a prenatal class’ but then in the back of your mind your thinking ‘but I don’t look pregnant and what if everyone has bigger bumps than me’ Prenatal yoga is aimed at...
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When to start Hypnobirthing

Whenever you are ready is always my answer. There is no right or wrong answer but it all depends how much you want to prepare. I always hear but I want to do it right at the end so I don’t forget it. Hypnobirthing is not something you forget. It is something you do. And...
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Why prenatal yoga rather than ‘regular’ yoga?

Why do prenatal yoga? I get asked this all the time. Or I get moms to be come to me and tell me about their ‘other’ class and ask me why is mine so different. As a teacher of both yoga and prenatal yoga and being a specialist in the later I am here to...
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My postnatal saviour mom and baby yoga

When my little boy was born I did all the things I ‘should do’ to fit in with the mum squad. This included amongst the numerous coffee and cake mornings, baby classes. To be honest some were great and some, well they did nothing for me and I’m not sure what my little baby got...
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Om Mommy’s day retreat at Al Barari

Our first Om moms retreat at Al Barari and wowee. It felt like I had left Dubai for the day (by the way staying is not a bad thing) but left and found pure fresh air and greenery. It had been a while I had thought about bringing a group of mums out for a...
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