Your Hypnobirthing toolbox and Birth preparation course - in person and online


Hello and welcome to your Om Moms Hypnobirthing Toolbox which by the way mom is both IN- PERSON for those in Dubai, ONLINE and LIVE Worldwide if you want to connect with Ellie but are not nearby OR as an ONLINE COURSE which is self paced and can be done anytime anywhere. CHECK OUT OUR  ONLINE COURSE HERE.

Firstly, a big CONGRATULATIONS on your pregnancy and on choosing to take the right steps forward in seeking a calm and comfortable pregnancy and an empowering birth. Welcome to the world of Hypnobirthing and knowledge.

Why choose a Hypnobirthing course with me? I am a trained KGH Hypnobirthing teacher, a training course which is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives in the UK and I am also a fully qualified Yogabellies prenatal yoga teacher and a Mom, so I understand the feminine body (and most importantly the mind!)

I have adapted this course over the years to make it more relevant and up to date for modern moms to be. Think more yoga and more breathing because this is where you will find all that zen. This is an UPDATED course by The Om Moms and includes your Hypnobirthing Bundle (check it out HERE but mom yours is free with a course) of breathing, guided relaxations and positive affirmations both on video and audio to really experience them and enhance your journey. 

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I began teaching pregnancy yoga after I had my little boy as I did not have the birth I wanted. Read MY STORY here. It was not how I imagined it would be as it immediately went down a medicalised route which on reflection could have been prevented. I wanted to help others prepare as I feel I wasn’t able to. I had been to pregnancy yoga classes but no one seemed to enlighten me on what was happening and what was going to happen. Maybe this was something I should have done more about myself but after my own birth I thought that it would be good to help teach and help others. I specialised in pregnancy yoga and it became life. I studied, attended courses on all things yoga and birth. I then started looking into Hypnobirthing and realised that this was what I needed to do to help others on their pregnancy journey. This was the magic and the sparkle I could add to my PREGNANCY YOGA classes. So, I did not use hypnobirthing to bring my little boy into the world but I wish I had and I love sharing it with others.

Your Hypnobirthing toolbox will include an element of prenatal yoga which is invaluable in pregnancy and birth. I will share my knowledge of how the mind and body connect to work together at this sensational time of life on your Hypnobirthing journey. I will help guide you through your pregnancy to help you achieve the best birth possible which you deserve. I am here to support, educate, liberate and empower you!

I offer The Om Moms Hypnobirthing toolbox and Birth preparation course both IN-PERSON for those pregnant in Dubai and as an ONLINE COURSE to do self paced at home in your own time. This is a full Hypnobirthing and Antenatal course with added breathing techniques and prenatal yoga for pregnancy and birth. At the Om Moms we work with Hypnoyoga, the fusion of Hypnobirthing and yoga to keep you fit and healthy in both the mind and body, and to relax and prepare you for birth.

You can do this course at any point of your pregnancy and I would recommend any time AFTER 20 WEEKS. Think earlier the better as it is all in the practice ready for the big day! This is not like an exam where we cram but is something to relax and enjoy doing over time. This is a course for you and your birth partner is welcome too. 

The Om Moms Hypnobirthing is a course to help relax you, empower you, and prepare both you and your birth partner for that all important big day and beyond.  Yes, birth partners, you are in this too. Become your partners secret birthing weapon.


Come join me Ellie your personal Birth cheerleader in one of my Birth preparation courses.



What is in your Hypnobirthing toolbox?

Welcome to session 1

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What will you receive:
8 hours (plus!) of course content 

Your HYPNOBIRTHING BUNDLE with videos of the 3 Hypnobirthing breathing techniques, 3 Hypnobirthing guided relaxations and your positive affirmations

An Om Moms 45-minute prenatal Hypnobirthing yoga sequence to practice at home

The Om Moms Hypnobirthing and full birth preparation e book to accompany the course

And me by your side! You will be filled with knowledge and relaxation through extra advise outside of the course time as I join you on your journey either in person or on a group chat.


Group class 1,800 aed per couple – Contact Ellie for future course dates

Private class 2,500 up to 3,000 aed per couple – To be taken at time/ venue of choice

Book a free discovery call with Ellie

When you are ready to take the next step to reprogramming your mindset so you are relaxed and excited about the birth of your baby I can’t wait to see you and your birth partner on a course soon. Maybe you have some questions before so please book in a DISCOVERY CALL with me. Let me know when you are free to chat.

    Enquiring About?

    Work With Me

    A self paced on demand, online course to be done anytime anywhere. This full birth preparation course includes your Hypnobirthing bundle of breathing and relaxation videos.

    Maybe you did a course with your first baby? Here is a refresh with your bundle of breathing and relaxation audios and videos for a calm Hypnobirthing experience plus a 45 minute birth preparation yoga video. 

    Join your fellow Hypnobirthing parents to be with a group class at 1,800 aed per couple with a minimum of 2 couples per group where the dates are customised to YOUR schedule. This is done by a WhatsApp group when you register your interest. Or take a private class at 2,200 aed per couple at my venue or if you prefer your own venue provide me with your location for a quote.

    For those busy parents to be save some travel time or maybe you are in a different part of the world – work alongside Ellie online privately 1:1 via Zoom for 1,000 aed (approx. 275 USD) where the days and times are fully customised to your schedule for the full 10 hour course. We will meet and work together online plus receive a free copy of my online course.

    What expecting parents ask?

    What is Hypnobirthing?

    Hypnobirthing is made up of many small things including breathing techniques and relaxation scripts. All the many things will promote calm in the body. The Hypnobirthing course is also designed to teach so it will empower you with knowledge. Hypnobirthing is in fact a full Antenatal course. It is not a form of pain relief but a form of pain management.

    Does it work?

    Yes! Hypnobirthing dates back to the early 1900s, when British Doctor Grantly Dick-Read observed that without fear people have more comfortable and quicker births. He spread the word and now the benefits are now widely accepted by midwives and doctors. In essence it is mind over matter and lots of women have proven it works (I have many clients that will vouch for this too!)

    Why do I need to do the full course?

    At The Om Moms I offer the full Hypnobirthing toolbox and birth preparation course. This is your FULL package to gain ALL the knowledge and relaxation methods. If you have done Hypnobirthing before or a full antenatal course (not your local hospital course as these tend to be very different) and you just want to buy the breathing techniques, relaxation audios and positive affirmations head to my shop and purchase the ‘Hypnobirthing bundle’. Please note although this has all the breathing and audios its does not cover the practical side, what happens before birth and a walk through of your birth!

    Is Hypnobirthing only for natural births?

    Hypnobirthing is designed for everyone from those wanting a natural drug free birth to ‘all the drugs’. Who knows you may change your mind at any point! Even with a planned caesarean you can use the techniques so Hypnobirthing is for everyone regardless of how, where, or when your baby decides to enter the world.

    Does my birth partner need to come?

    Birth partners play a huge role in supporting you physically and emotionally during both pregnancy and birth. Somethimes they can feel a little ‘lost’ in the labour room and this course will guide them down the path they need to be on.  So yes birth partners are welcome! Whether they want to come or not is a different matter but this is something for you to do together, to prepare, and to connect. However there are occasions when you can’t come together and that’s ok too. If an in person or online class I will act as your birth partner for such exercises and if they want to catch up after we will do an extra zoom call to recap.

    When should we start Hypnobirthing?

    It is recommended anytime after 20 weeks but I would say whenever you feel ready! This is not an exam we are cramming last minute for. Try to come with plenty of time to practice (as it is ALL in the practice) saying that I have had couples come to me at 37 weeks and still Hypnobirth their baby into the world.  So with that said whenever you are ready to start thinking about, planning for, and getting super excited about birth.

    Why should I take The Om Moms Hypnobirthing course?

    Here at The Om Moms we have modernised our course to suit current moms to be. When I studied to be a Hypnobirthing instructor we were shown videos of silent women giving birth at home in the water. This however is not true on most parts. At The Om Moms we recognise you may want to roar like a lion in a hospital room but you will still be using all your valuable Hypnobirthing techniques you have learnt. We focus on breathing, yoga postures and pure zen to get ready and it is not for birth but your pregnancy and motherhood journey too.


    Hypnotherapy, Hypnobirthing, what is it all about and how is it going to help me?

    • What do you want and what I can offer you?
    • What is Hypnotherapy and why does my mind play a thought in the birth process?
    • Congratulations when is the baby due?
    • What is Hypnobirthing and self-hypnosis your new superpower!
    • Freeze, fight, flight or staying calm? You choose!
    • The fear, tension, pain cycle. Get to know it
    • Breath it out
    • The Om Moms Yogic breath
    • The Om Moms Surge breath
    • Staying Om trust the process – a relaxation script (get comfy for this one!)

    *Accompanied by your Om Moms Hypnobirthing toolbox e book to refer to and keep notes along your journey.


    Let us get down to the scripts and RELAX!

    • Breathe it out. A re cap on the Om Moms yogic breath and Om moms surge breath
    • Your Om Moms Relaxation Hypnobirthing scripts
    • Staying Om in Pregnancy
    • Staying Om in Childbirth
    • Partner script – Om Moms stroking relaxation
    • So how are these relaxations going to help me?
    • Ok so that’s pregnancy but what do I do with these scripts during childbirth itself?
    • Om Moms positive affirmations
    • Your birthing colour – what is yours and how will it help you
    • How to decorate your birthing suite. Make the room your own and creating your own birthing sanctuary
    • Relaxation triggers
    • What triggers do I have in my toolbox?
    • Is natural induction really a thing?
    • Yoga postures for pregnancy and early labour

    *Accompanied by your Om Moms Hypnobirthing toolbox e book to refer to and keep notes along your journey.


    Gets get practical. And early labour what to do!

    • The importance of and the role of the birth partner
    • How to be that all important mental and physical support
    • What to pack in the hospital bags (moms, dads and babies!)
    • Support in early labour and how to promote labour with yoga and breathing
    • Learn to relax together through music and meditation
    • How to navigate the journey in to the hospital tips and tricks
    • How to be the voice to take over when mom is busy giving birth and what to say
    • How to be a part of active labour. What to do and not to do!
    • More relaxation from the birth partner with a second guided partner relaxation script
    • Staying Om fear release script – for days with a wee wobble
    • 45 minute Hypnoyoga video to practice together at home

    *Accompanied by your Om Moms Hypnobirthing toolbox e book to refer to and keep notes along your journey.


    A walk through of your birth

    • How to write a birth plan (or several depending on the different routes of birth)
    • How to prepare the body to give birth with yoga, pelvic floor exercises and perineal massage
    • The signs of early labour
    • Active labour a step by step guide
    • The importance of music and positive affirmations in birth. Plus how to decorate your hospital room to make it feel like home
    • Breathing techniques for each stage of labour. Early, active and the all important breathing baby down stage.
    • Birth preferences and a note to the midwife
    • Vaginal examinations yes or no? Your choose!
    • How to breath your baby down and soothing massage
    • After birth and the Golden Hour
    • Skin to skin
    • Breastfeeding
    • Delayed cord clamping
    • Vitamin K injection
    • Delivery of the placenta
    • Practice, practice, practice – what do I need to do and when should I do it?
    • Staying Om A new life inside script (get comfy for this one!)

    *Accompanied by your Om Moms Hypnobirthing toolbox e book to refer to and keep notes along your journey.