Mom and Lil' Om Yoga

Mom & Baby (or crawlers and toddlers) Yoga Postnatal classes


** NEXT WEEKEND PARENTS EVENT – Weekend special on March 25th 8.45-10.15 am for parents and baby or just mom or dad and baby. Learn BABY MASSAGE and BABY YOGA techniques whilst meeting other new parents. Included is juice and breakfast nibbles PLUS an exclusive free e book on The Om Moms baby massage at home. **

** NEXT YOGA AT THE BEACH EVENTS – Mom and baby, crawlers and toddlers yoga at the beach on March 28th and April 12th 10.30 onwards. Yoga by the beach at Peaches and Cream on The Palm followed by brunch and full use of the beach club for the day including pool and beach. **


The Om Moms proudly offers the ever so popular unique mom and baby, crawlers and toddlers, classes where we incorporate traditional yoga postures adapted for postpartum mum and some for baby too.

Firstly Mom & baby yoga a class for new born babies up to crawling with moves for babies to enjoy with mom. 

Also Mom & crawlers/ toddlers for those on the move and the room is the yoga mat! This class includes fun play for your little one too and is more suitable for those now fully on the move whether that be crawling or toddling (up until around 2 and a half).

Whilst most postnatal classes either focus on mom or are baby classes (with no physical benefits for mom at all) this class benefits you both. Awesome! Postnatal Mom classes at The Om Moms combine both postnatal and baby/ toddler yoga making sure both Mom and little one  leave the class feeling stretched, relaxed and revived. And don’t worry if you have never been to a yoga class before this class is suitable for all levels of yogini, its is suitable for ALL MOMS! Think core-rebuilding and relaxation for mum and there will also be baby yoga, massage, songs and lots of fun. Baby yoga has also been scientifically proven to help with baby’s brain development, growth, self soothing and common ailments such as colic, reflux and disrupted sleep. So if you have a baby, this yoga class is just or you. 

We look at rebuilding the abdominal muscles and pelvic floor, assist in alleviating back pain, and help Mom regain her strength and muscle tone. All this is done at your own pace. For baby we are enhancing their immune system, helping with brain and nervous system development and growth and offering sensory stimulation which enhances relaxation and leads to better sleeping patterns. In Mom and baby/ toddler yoga baby is fully integrated into moms yoga practice and life. 

What to bring? Some comfy clothes to practice yoga in, your yoga mat, water to hydrate, milk and toys for your little one.

At The Om Moms we offer  Mom and Baby yoga run in 4 week journeys and you can join any week there is space available. Your classes are to be used consecutively to enjoy the maximum benefits of yoga but us moms can be busy and it can be used over an 5 week period if needed (and it can be extended). 

There are also baby classes and breakfast if at Circle Café  but every class allows you to stay and chat to the moms after and socialise with your new mom gang as all our classes are more than just a new mom get fit or baby class. They are one of a kind class where both mom and baby get to enjoy. They are about COMMUNITY and this is where you will meet your new mom friends! 


What’s more there are EVENTS either on the weekends for parents to enjoy together or special events in the week where The Om Moms head off somewhere to yoga!

To find out more about Baby massage courses head to our baby massage page. And Mom if you prefer a postnatal yoga class JUST FOR YOU to look at rebuilding the body, gaining strength and working on flexibility join The Om Moms pre and postnatal yoga class which focuses on your body. Please note no baby yoga is offered here it is a mom class to get you moving again.


What class is for you and your baby? Or maybe join me for both yoga and massage and spend quality time with your little one and add on a postnatal class just for you!


Mom & Baby yoga (up to crawling)
Circle Café Jumeriah Islands
Day & Time
Weekly Thursdays 9.30 am followed by breakfast RUNNING UNTIL END APRIL
Single class 125 aed
Single class with breakfast 150 aed
Eggs and Soldiers Time Square
Day & Time
Weekly Wednesdays 12 pm STARTING APRIL 19TH
Mom & crawlers/toddlers yoga
Eggs and Soldiers Time Square
Day & Time
Weekly Wednesdays 1.30 pm STARTING APRIL 19TH
Single class 115 aed
4 week block 400 aed
Weekend baby massage and yoga special event
Saturday 25th March 8.45 am
Jumeriah Golf Estates Clubhouse
185 aed per couple
Post natal yoga
One on one or for small groups of Moms
Baby yoga and massage
5 week courses