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What are my options?

In person Mom and baby classes both yoga and massage followed by The Breakfast Club are currently running. Head to the day/ date you wish above and read up more on your class. Moms events and pregnancy events are COMING SOON as soon as the weather cools and we can get outdoors!

See the schedule for Baby massage courses, Mom & baby yoga classes, Moms events and Pregnancy events around Dubai. If you would like to try yoga either pregnancy or another style (beginners welcome too) get in touch for a private quote.

For group Mom and baby yoga classes I offer single class options or 2/ 4 or 6 class packs with more yoga for your money. Baby massage is run in 6 week courses with single class options available too.

If you prefer to go online head to my ONLINE COURSES PAGE where you will find 

  • Hypnobirthing and Birth preparation course
  • Prenatal Yoga and Wellness pack
  • Hypnobirthing audio and video bundle
  • Breathing for Pregnancy and Birth bundle 
  • Relaxation in Pregnancy Meditation bundle

To find out more head to the main page of each class type and you will find all info on your class here. Then head to the booking system adn click on your chosen class on the date in the schedule to find out more and to book. You can book your in person classes by clicking sign up. See you on the mat Mom!


Any Q’s just reach out.

Any questions mom?

If you have any questions on working out during pregnancy, Hypnobirthing and Birth Preparation or Mom and baby classes both yoga and massage, or you just want to say Hi drop me a line and I will personally be in touch. 

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