Pregnancy Breathing Bundle


  • Stay calm throughout your pregnancy
  • Learn important breathing skills for pregnancy, early and active labour
  • Learn how to breath a baby down rather than push your baby out
  • Enjoy the feeling of be able to stay in control

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Welcome to your Om Moms to be Breathing bundle. Here you will learn the oh so important breathing techniques to be used in pregnancy to stay calm and relaxed, to prepare you for birth, and to use during labour itself.

Effective breathing is very important in pregnancy to help you relax, stay focused and help with emotional well-being. With a healthy mind you will feel happy and calm, and your baby will develop in this environment. Happy mom happy baby.

There are 4 breathing techniques and each one we will visit a place of peace and tranquillity so relax, breath and let go. You will learn a yogic breath to calm and relax, a surge breath to practice in pregnancy to prepare yourself to use during active labour and a down breath to use at that all important moment of breathing your baby down.

Draw within, learn to breathe effectively so you can relax your mind and release tension in your body on your journey of all things Om.


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