Pregnancy yoga and Pilates

Welcome to the world of relaxation and strength building – together! Now you are rocking a beautiful bump life has probably changed a little (or a lot!) If you previously had a yoga or Pilates practice you may have already realised you now need to slow things down. Or maybe you have never really done either before but heard they do amazing things for the prenatal body and thought no time like the present. Well you have come to the right place! Here at The Om Moms we offer in person classes, online and live classes which can be accessed anywhere in the world online pregnancy yoga packs. These are not your regular prenatal classes they are for you and your bump to grow, move, and learn together. This is a journey. Come and enjoy the relaxing ride online with The Om Moms Club.


Are you looking to have a calm and confident birth? Have you already heard of the magical word Hypnobirthing and wondered what it is all about and how it can help you. Or are you looking for practical classes on what happens and how the body gives birth? The Om Moms Hypnobirthing toolbox birthing courses both IN PERSON and ONLINE are designed to help you discover how to relax in pregnancy, to prepare yourself for birth, and achieve the best birthing experience for you and your baby. Classes are for both you and your partner (yes they are invited too!) to learn together and plan for your big day either in person (in Dubai) or an online course.

Birth Workshops

Two workshops consisting of Birth partner and Birth Preparation. Come along to one or both! These workshops are included in the full Hypnobirthing toolbox course.

Birth Partner workshop is  for both mom and birth partner to learn important breathing techniques for pregnancy and birth together. You will also learn various yoga postures and movement styles to help in early labour, promote active labour and aid in the all important breathing baby down stage. Birth partners will be given the opportunity to empower themselves with knowledge to become the secret weapon in the birthing room. Birth workshop is a practical step by step guide of birth itself and the many routes it may take. We start with writing birth plans and go through the journey of birth and how to achieve the best birth possible for you. Think breathing, postures for birth, knowledge and power all in one class.

Retreats and Events

At The Om Moms we offer day retreats and events for moms to be to experience time outdoors in nature to experience yoga, breathing, and the opportunity to learn Hypnobirthing techniques. Each retreat or event differs from location to the topic of the day but each one has a common goal and that is for mom to have time to relax, educate and bond with baby.  At retreats mom to be will get to meet professionals in the field of pregnancy and birth from doulas to dieticians. The Om Moms retreats are a not to be missed day out for any mom to be who is looking for relaxation, knowledge and exercise to enhance their pregnancy and aid their birthing experience.

pregnancy yoga retreat in dubai

Online Courses

At The Om Moms we offer a variety of online courses including our On Demand full Hypnobirthing Toolbox and Birth Preparation course, Bundles which are full of Breathing and Guided relaxation videos, and if yoga is more your thing our Pregnancy and Yoga Wellness Pack all of these to enhance your pregnancy journey and prepare you for labour.

Online is a fantastic option for those who would like to yoga and educate at home whether that be alongside in person classes or if time and travel are preventing you. Here we take the travel hassle away and allow you to experience The Om Moms from the comfort of your own home.