Pregnancy Hypnobirthing Bundle


  • Learn important breathing techniques for pregnancy and birth
  • Relax the mind and body with specifically designed Hypnobirthing guided relaxations
  • Prepare yourself for a calm and empowered birth
  • Plus a bonus 45 minute Hypnoyoga video to prepare the body for birth

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Have you heard of the magical word of Hypnobirthing and want to know how it can help you prepare for an empowering pregnancy and birth?

Do you want to bring your baby into the world in a calm environment and do you want to look back on the day of your birth fondly?

If yes? Then this is the bundle for you! This bundle has everything you need to learn the breathing and meditation side of Hypnobirthing. There are the 3 important breathing techniques for staying calm in pregnancy, coping with active labour and breathing you baby down.

Also, there are 3 Hypnobirthing guided relaxations Staying Om in pregnancy, Staying Om in Childbirth and Staying Om to release fear. And finally, your Om Moms positive affirmations which you can put on a loop and listen to as you go about your positive day. This is the full package.

Included is a FREE BONUS 45 minute Hypnoyoga video with yoga poses for pregnancy and preparation.

Please note this bundle is the pure zen side of Hypnobirthing. This bundle is free if you are doing the physical or online full Om Moms Hypnobirthing toolbox, or you can buy it separately here. Please note in the full Hypnobirthing toolbox course you will also learn the practicalities of pregnancy, your body, and your birth.

Moms to be this is the bundle for complete OM in pregnancy and birth.


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