Om Mom and Baby Massage

Baby Massage


The Om Moms proudly offers the ever so popular and unique Baby massage courses. There are 5 week baby massage courses with breakfast (breakfast if at Circle Cafe venue). Come for your class and then join the moms for a mommy catch. The Om Moms is bringing the mom community together.


These classes are for women (or Dad!) who have just had a baby! After the birth, you will have a lot of recuperating to do. Your body, mind and hormones have been working hard and there is a high chance that you will be completely exhausted. At the Om Moms our classes can help balance those hormone levels, allow you to relax deeply, help you bond with baby and most of all enjoy this amazing time in your role of Parenthood!

Baby massage is recommended for new-borns up until mobile. There is breathing for parents to relax in your new role, massage for mum (yes YOU too!), and baby massage covering a different part of the body each week, or if the couples session we go through the full body massage. We also look at teething and colic routines. We’ve got it all covered. Our classes end with a sleep session aimed at helping your baby sleep and you relax. 

There are benefits for baby in this class as massage helps the transition from womb to the world. It develops babies first language, touch. And teaches positive loving touch as baby develops a feeling of being loved, respected and secure. It develops body, mind, awareness and coordination, can help to reduce the discomfort of colic, wind and constipation, help to regulate and strengthen baby’s digestive and respiratory systems and stimulate circulatory and nervous systems, promote relaxation, help reduce fussiness and improve quality of sleep. The list is endless!

Couples sessions when run are 2 hour sessions teaching both mom and dad the full body baby massage. Om Moms and Baby massage courses are run in five week blocks.

What we do:

WEEK 1 Baby legs and feet

WEEK 2 Recap of legs and feet, tummy and colic routine

WEEK 3 Recap of tummy; chest, arms and hands

WEEK 4 Recap chest, arms and hands; the back

WEEK 5 Recap of the back, babies head including teething routine


In 5 weeks you will learn the full body baby massage!


What to bring? Just you and baby  in comfy clothes, a blanket or mat to sit on, and a second blanket to wrap baby in. If you wish, your choice of baby massage oil, nappy bag for baby, and water and milk for Mom and baby. 


Check dates for the next block and book in with Ellie. Please note after the June block we will return in September.


Come join me Ellie for Baby massage and a mommy social.


Suitable for
Parents and babies (newborn until crawling)
Next course date (please note last in person course before summer)
Jumeriah Golf Estates Clubhouse
Starting Monday May 23rd 11.30 am running for 5 weeks
5 week course 550 aed or single classes 125 aed