Baby Massage

Baby Massage


** NEW EVENT – Couples baby massage Valentines special on February 11th 9-11.30 am for parents and baby or just mom or dad and baby. Learn the full baby massage whilst meeting other new parents. Included is a coffee or juice and breakfast nibbles PLUS an exclusive free e book on The Om Moms baby massage at home. Limited spaces! **


The Om Moms proudly offers the ever so popular and unique Baby massage courses. There are 5 week baby courses to learn the full body massage plus simple stretches to aid babies flexibility, help ease any minor ailments and encourage relaxation.

Baby massage is run in 5 week blocks and concentrate on the full body baby massage but don’t worry mom there will be some stretching for you too to ease away any mom niggles. This class is followed by breakfast to meet your new mom gang. You can book the full course or single drop in (but book in) classes when space.

Baby massage is recommended for new-borns up until mobile. There is breathing for parents to relax in your new role, baby massage covering a different part of the body each week also looking at teething and colic routines. There is also baby yoga (for the weekend sessions) where you can practice the simple stretches on baby which they find fun, relaxing and beneficial to their new bodies. We’ve got it all covered. Our classes end with a sleep session aimed at helping your baby sleep and you relax. 

There are benefits for baby in this class as massage helps the transition from womb to the world. It develops babies first language, touch. And teaches positive loving touch as baby develops a feeling of being loved, respected and secure. It develops body, mind, awareness and coordination, can help to reduce the discomfort of colic, wind and constipation, help to regulate and strengthen baby’s digestive and respiratory systems and stimulate circulatory and nervous systems, promote relaxation, help reduce fussiness and improve quality of sleep. The list is endless!


What we do:

WEEK 1 Baby legs and feet 

WEEK 2 Recap of legs and feet, tummy and colic routine

WEEK 3 Recap of the tummy and colic routine; chest and arms

WEEK 4 Recap chest, arms and hands; the back 

WEEK 5 Recap of the back, babies head including teething routine


All baby massage classes and blocks mom stretches too:)


What to bring? Just you and baby  in comfy clothes, a blanket or mat to sit on, and a second blanket to wrap baby in. If you wish, your choice of baby massage oil, nappy bag for baby, and water and milk. 


If you prefer a mom and baby yoga class (with yoga for mom too) this class is also on offer at The Om Moms also post natal for those looking for a class just for them.


Come join me Ellie for postnatal and baby classes.


Mom & Baby massage and breakfast 5 week course
Circle Café Jumeriah Islands
5 week course dates
Wednesdays 10 am Jan 11th until Feb 8th
Wednesdays 10 am Feb 22nd until March 22nd
Wednesdays 9 am April 12th until May 10th
5 week course with breakfast 675 aed/ 550 without or 150 aed single class/ 125 without
Couples baby massage Valentines special event
Saturday 11th Feb 9 am
Circle Café Jumeriah Islands
185 aed
Mom and baby yoga
Circle Café Jumeriah Islands
Day and time
Weekly Thursdays 10 am