Mom Yoga Bootcamp

The Om Moms proudly offers the internationally famous and ever so popular Yogabellies classes from the UK.


This is a yoga journey into your mind and your core! Yogabellies love your BAPs is your postnatal yoga camp for Mom. This class will focus on YOU, it will give you that oh-so-important ‘me time,’ allowing you to focus on your own physical recovery from pregnancy and birth, whether it was recent or you have been postnatal for a while now! Here we are working to target the BAPs the back, abs and pelvic floor so this is suitable for ALL postnatal women whatever stage of motherhood you are. Post-natal yoga will ease any lower back pain, tone abdominal muscles, and strengthen the pelvic floor. Although this is a class for you, to allow yourself that little bit of me time, babies are welcome as long as they are not moving around the room! 


Om Moms yoga Bootcamps are offered to small private groups of moms so please register your interest to find out if you can join the next one or if you have a small group of moms.


We practice breathing for new Moms to help relax you while working into those tummy muscles. We look at your bandhas, how to effectively engage them to help aid post-natal healing. This will help you control and improve the function of your body’s internal organs and systems. We then feel more balanced, digestion is regulated, and our reproductive and nervous systems are re-energized. And finally we do the yoga asana! A warm-up of the body and then our Yogabellies mommy salutations which are built upon each week.


Your Om Moms yoga camp is run in a five week consecutive block, just see the difference on week five! Each week watch your core strength, flexibility and stamina grow. Please note to really feel the effects of a yoga Bootcamp you must come weekly. This is a Bootcamp for the mind, body and soul. After this class you will be rejuvenated and invigorated. Think trim, transform and triumph! Oh, and after we drink juice to detoxify as you give yourself a high five.



Suitable for
ALL Moms all stages of Motherhood
Day & Time
Time to suit
Private groups - Register your interest
500 aed 5 week block includes a detox juice each class