Om Demand Prenatal

Om Demand your Home Studio

Welcome to Om Demand Prenatal, a Home Studio for Moms to be. Om Demand is for moms to be to access online breathing, yoga and meditation for bump and birth. We are here to help turn your motherhood journey into a calm and relaxing ride. Enjoy an online library which will be updated throughout your pregnancy to offer you more. We have it all OM Demand so join the club. 



Welcome to Your Home Studio with The Om Moms Club. Here we take it all OM Demand with your online demand library, weekly livestream classes and online courses to prepare you for a calm pregnancy and an empowering birth. 

Did you know that yoga reduces stress and anxiety which helps the pregnant mind and body. Physically yoga increases strength and stamina, flexibility and balance, and in prenatal yoga we look at building strength in the uterine muscles ready for birth.

If you are looking at moving and keeping fit in pregnancy our online demand library will offer you lots of yoga with new sequences being constantly added and the library updated. You experience new flows to enjoy  throughout your pregnancy so you never get bored. The online demand library where we go OM Demand is a great way to keep up a regular practice as there are different lengths of sequences from Express Stretches (to target certain areas of the body) to daily routines and longer flows. Being your own Home Studio you can practice whenever you want all from the comfort of your own home but get to enjoy great views as The Om Moms like to travel and they are taking you with them! 

Also in the Online Demand Library you will find breathing techniques to calm and relax in pregnancy yet prepare your mind and body for birth, plus Guided Relaxations where you can meditate (don’t worry no previous experience needed) and lose yourself on a visual journey into a deeper state of calm.

Plus an opportunity to educate yourself with our Hypnobirthing and Birth preparation courses which are full of Hypnobirthing skills, breathing, movement, yoga and birth preparation from birth partner to a run through of birth. So much to learn on The Om Moms courses for modern day Moms to be.


What will you receive OM Demand? And don’t forget it is constantly being updated to bring you MORE!

-Prenatal Breathing techniques

-Prenatal Yoga flows, Express Stretches and Daily Yoga routines

-Prenatal Guided Relaxations to calm the mind and let go

All from the comfort of your own home OM Demand. Any any questions about postures and the practice don’t worry you can contact Ellie anytime!

What are the options in my Home Studio?

You can join a monthly membership for OM Demand with our  Online Demand Library and gain access to all of the videos including Breathwork, Yoga and Guided Relaxations.

Or you can take a 3 monthly membership too where you save and get more yoga for your money! Alternatively you have the option to buy or rent Om Demand videos.


Come and join us OM Demand at The Om Moms and experience the magic.

Any questions mom?

If you have any questions on working out during pregnancy, Prenatal yoga, Hypnobirthing and Meditation with mind release, Birth Preparation or you just want to say Hi drop me a line and I will personally be in touch.