Please note:

When you click BOOK HERE for your chosen class you will be taken to our booking system at momoyoga. SCROLL THROUGH THE CALENDAR to your preferred date when a class is ON to book. This is your one stop shop for managing your account. Purchase your class pass and use your credits to book in!


*Om Moms Pregnancy yoga journeys are run as weekly classes, typically 2-3 times a week. There are single class options plus 4 or 8 week journeys and MONTHLY MEMBERSHIPS.

If booking a journey or membership lease PRE BOOK your classes with the credits received to avoid disappointment on popular classes over the consecutive weeks. You can attend any of the classes available using your amount of credits. Any cancellations must be done up to 6 hours before the class. If on a monthly membership you will receive 8 credits to be used in one month. Check the current timetable for how many classes are on offer (a minimum of two will be on offer to avail of this package)


*Baby yoga and breakfast is run as single classes or 6 week blocks and can be joined any week there is space. If you book a block please MAKE SURE TO SIGN UP FOR ALL CONSECUTIVE CLASSES AT THE BEGINNING OF YOUR BLOCK (otherwise someone else may take your spot!) There is an extra week added to  your block if you need to miss one and reschedule. Any cancellations must be done up to 6 hours before the class otherwise the credit is taken.


*Mom and Baby Massage is run as single classes or  5 week blocks if you want to do the full course. Single classes are on offer if space available once the block starts. Check the booking system and website for block start dates and join at the beginning of a block if on a full course. Make sure to sign up for all 5 consecutive classes!


*Your Hypnobirthing Toolbox is flexible so please email Ellie for all days and times.  Register your interest for the next 4 week course and all finalised dates and times are arranged to suit the small group. For private sessions the date/ time and venue is your choice. Please note session 3 and 4 of the Hypnobirthing toolbox is your Birth partner and Birth workshop which are on set dates.


*Birth partner and Birth workshops are run monthly. Check the booking system and relevant page on website for up to date dates. 


*Retreats are as advertised. Ask Ellie for the next Mom to be and Expecting Couples retreat dates.


*Women’s wellness yoga is run as a single class or 6 week block (with an extra week added in case you need a week off!) This is ideally in the postnatal stage (you are always postnatal after a baby!) but is designed for ALL women.


Namaste Ellie