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How to fit a prenatal yoga practice into a busy daily routine

You’re busy. And that’s before you became pregnant. Now you’re even busier as life continues with work, family, social life although that lessens as we learn to say NO! but I’ll go more into that in a minute.

Trimester 1

Trimester one you’re tired as the body adjusts to the change and quite possibly sick or even just nausea although sometimes I think that is worse. Also the big debate on should I or shouldn’t I exercise at this time. My opinion (not advice just my opinion) on this is if you were exercising before, stay with the same exercise- unless it’s a contact sport or something dangerous! But tone it down as you will feel toned down too. If you’re a yogi try some simple daily stretches instead to feel good. And if you didn’t exercise before this is not a time to try something new (wait for trimester two!) but make sure to walk and also stretch your body out. It will need it even more now.

Trimester 2

Trimester two and your back in action and yes you are now officially advised to exercise (still toned down!) This is when to find time. So think about when you exercised pre pregnancy and use the same time. If it was early morning or late at night and now you value your disrupted sleep more just adjust the timings a little. And if this interferes with work schedules, think about how you can use your time more effectively. The world of exercise has gone online and so can you. Get up and do a class online from home (same applies before bed) and there is zero travel time now resolving the issue. And if I hear you cry but I don’t want to do an online class, I want to meet others and get out well. DO IT. You can do both as your online class can be extra exercise to help you feel good – why not feel better every day. So mix it up online and in person when you can. Even if the online is a 20 minute session that’s 20 minutes of goodness for your body.

Trimester 3

Trimester three now this is where things change both physically and mentally. If you tell yourself ooooo I don’t think you should exercise in your third trimester you will believe yourself because its a way out.  Oooo no I don’t think that seems right, really yoga with a bump, no I definitely think rest is best. You will be quite the convincing mom to be in your mind. But really is this true? Yes rest but not all day your body needs movement and suppleness even more now as it grows and adds discomfort. Yoga with a bump? Why not it creates more space in your body making you more comfortable.  Your exercise regime may lessen so maybe you were going to 2-3 prenatal exercise classes a week now maybe one and a lot more online stretching. It is all about balance.

Setting time aside for yoga

Set yourself time aside in your diary. If you were going to the doctors and had made an appointment you would go so why not do this with exercise too. Make an appointment by booking into classes. With online it is much harder especially if you have a long day at work and all you want to do is lay on the sofa when you get in. So on your way home repeat this mantra (or another one that seems fit for you excuse the pun!) I AM GOING TO DO MY EXERCISE, I AM GOING TO DO MY EXERCISE, I AM GOING TO DO MY EXERCISE….. affirm it in your mind and get home and first things first gym clothes on and DO IT before your mind has the chance to un affirm it.

You will find as pregnancy progresses so does your desire to do things. Not necessarily exercise as some moms see

this as an important must in their pregnancy (maybe after reading about postpartum moms!) But also your desire to do anything. After work drinks – er no thank you, dinner at 9 pm – er def not! And this is when the word NO becomes so much easier and when you do less of the other stuff you have more time for you so use that time wisely and look after you.

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