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How to be the Birth Partner of Dreams

Want to be the best birth partner ever? The one all moms rave on about and make others jealous? Well this is how and I will keep it short and sweet as I know I only have about 30 seconds of your time (birth partner). Here are your top 5 ways to be awesome at birth.

  1. Get involved during pregnancy. Read books, listen to podcasts and learn. And don’t eye roll when the guided relaxation is played at night time as trust me you will get a good nights sleep from it too!
  2. Know the birth plan or plans or preferences – whatever mom has. So basically know what she wants and what she doesn’t want. You will be the voice in the throws of labour so make sure you know what you’re saying!
  3. Be the driver and leave mom in her bubble. If you have spent time at home creating a safe, comfortable birth bubble don’t interrupt it on the drive to the hospital. Guide mom to the backseat, cover her eyes and make her comfortable. Let her listen to music or Hypnobirthing scripts on her earphones and you concentrate on the joinery in. Mom doesn’t need to know about red lights or bad drivers on the roads.
  4. Be the hand to hold or even squeeze.
  5. And last but not least don’t ask questions in the labour room as no one likes to discuss their pain if they are in pain (or maybe they are not and you are making them feel like they should be and increasing fear)

Take note and be the birth partner of dreams. Good luck and enjoy the journey ahead.


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