The Om Moms are off to the beach

Want a day at the beach or pool whilst the weather is still amazing? The Om Moms are off to the beach to yoga with their little ones (all babies, crawlers and toddlers welcome!) followed by a fabulous brunch and then the rest of the day to spend poolside or on the beach. Grab yourself a sun lounger and relax whilst your baby naps or toddler plays in the sand.

Mom & baby, crawlers and toddlers yoga

Come join me in a class  for moms and babies suitable for babies, crawlers and toddlers as there are moves for everyone and space to enjoy the pool and beach for all ages. Next session dates are 28th March and 12th April 10.30 am yoga session followed by brunch.
What you you get out of the session:
  • A yoga session looking at stretches and moves for your little one which are fun to keep their attention
  • An understanding of your baby’s cues and your little ones needs 
  • Find out how to stretch your little one into yoga postures that will help their strength and flexibility
  • Yoga practice just for mom as baby relaxes, toddler plays
  • Time to relax together and have fun 
Class price is 190 aed. What you will receive:
  • A one and a half hour baby/ toddler yoga and massage session learning different  yoga stretches which not only will help your baby but are fun! 
  • A chance to meet other new moms and socialise
  • Brunch including a drink after the class sat by the beach
  • A day at the beach club including sun lounger. There is a huge pool and lovely beach to enjoy with your new mom friends

Mom and baby yoga by the beach on The Palm

Take time out with your baby at Peaches and Cream and enjoy a day together with yoga, brunch and relaxation time. Babies, crawlers and toddlers are all welcome as there are moves for everyone plus toys and play area for the bigger ones whilst mom does yoga. 

Help with balance, coordination and motor skills

We will use moves that help with both growth and development in your baby. We also look at engaging the brain actively developing  baby’s coordination and increasing body awareness. All through movement, song and touch.

Get more sleep

Yes you really can help your baby relax and get more sleep! When a baby is stretching they release oxytocin, the feel good ‘love’ hormone which calms, soothes and promotes sleep. With each nurturing, loving movement baby will feel more relaxed which can improve their sleep. Through the fun and entertaining engagement of baby yoga your baby will feel tired after! Babies that take good naps in the day will actually sleep better at night (and babies that sleep well at night have parents who get more sleep too!)

Build Mom's strength, stamina and flexibility

Not only does baby yoga but mom does too. We look at strengthen mom after pregnancy and birth. Yoga rebuilds and gives you stamina. Through the moves you can ease back pain (oh so common in moms) feel less tired (every moms problem!) and generally feel good by moving your body, feeling more flexible and comfortable. Say goodbye to aches and  pains.

Have fun together

Baby yoga is therapeutic for both mom and baby and provides a time to engage fully with baby as we focus on eye contact, voice (singing if you wish!) touch and movement. Through the joy of baby yoga mom relaxes too and the bond enhances. Its quite often there are baby smiles and giggles from our little one as we baby yoga.

Create a lasting bond with your baby

Touch is baby's first language and this is how we initially communicate with them. With the loving strokes and moves we offer baby reassurance and love. Through eye to eye contact, smiling and soothing vocal sounds we hep with the bonding process and it works both ways as bonding increases a parents feeling of attachment and desire to nurture and care for their infant.
  • Learn the techniques and skills to hold, comfort and move your baby/ toddler
  • Aid your baby and help with digestion, discomfort and much more
  • Learn to relax with baby and enjoy time together
  • Meet other new likeminded parents on the same journey as you