Why prenatal yoga rather than ‘regular’ yoga?

Why do prenatal yoga? I get asked this all the time. Or I get moms to be come to me and tell me about their ‘other’ class and ask me why is mine so different. As a teacher of both yoga and prenatal yoga and being a specialist in the later I am here to let you know the difference and also why its is so important to switch classes at this time.


Prenatal yoga is slower paced and although I have moms shout out but I need to do more, you may but your baby is saying slow down mom! But why mom says? I feel more stretchy and flexible than usual, look my legs can step back this far and check out my forward fold. You may feel super yogic but your body has produced a hormone called relaxin (to loosen the ligaments in the pelvis to make delivery more easy) but it also makes you more flexible head to toe. Sounds good but can lead to overstretching and injuries. Something us prenatal teachers look out for.

The classes are tailor made to well pregnant women so there is nothing you should not be allowed to do. So no pointing oh you over there don’t do this one (if your lucky to be reminded in a regular class). Being tailor made for the pregnant body the class is designed to target niggly areas of the body a regular class does not. The back, the hips , and even the cankles! Oh and the biggest difference is everyone is pregnant! So where better to find your new mom tribe.

That all aside there is a huge part of yoga that is quite often neglected. The bit about the mind. Prenatal yoga allows you time to connect with baby, to switch off, meditate and let the breath take over. Super important as the breathing you learn here is the breathing you will use in birth itself. So realistically something to practice weekly rather than a few days before the big day.

For many women prenatal yoga is the first time they have stepped foot in a studio let alone on a yoga mat. Saying that advanced yogis benefit too as they learn the art of slowing down and nurturing their new body. Yoga is one of those things anyone can come too but only you know how to benefit the class for you. Anyone can strike a pose (once they have learnt it) but holding it, breathing into it and enjoying it that comes with your own practice. Its a bit like motherhood no need to test how good you are you’ve got the job. Everyone is welcome in prenatal yoga.

So if you are wondering when to start your new or change your existing practice. How about now. No time like the present! Oh and a big old congratulations on your new journey and see you on the mat.

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