When to start Hypnobirthing

Whenever you are ready is always my answer. There is no right or wrong answer but it all depends how much you want to prepare.

I always hear but I want to do it right at the end so I don’t forget it. Hypnobirthing is not something you forget. It is something you do. And you will be doing it every day until you give birth. So the earlier you start the more time you have to do it and well without stating the obvious the more you do something the better you get as the easier it becomes. So in short whenever you are ready and if you start asking this question earlier rather than later maybe you are ready earlier. And if you are reading this maybe you are ready now!

So you may be asking but what will I be doing? And if I am doing things how much time is this going to take me (I get it mom your a busy woman and that was before you got pregnant now in addition to life you are growing a small human being and preparing for its arrival)

First things first what will I be doing? Breathing, relaxing, listening to zen audios (and at The Om Moms watching zen videos too!) Okay I hear you sigh it doesn’t sound so bad I can do that! And how much time will it take? Well if you stay in bed an extra 5 mins every morning and go to bed 15 mins earlier each night you will be on your road to zen. Sounds appealing right!

For those who are asking but I need to know the practical side too. I know its not all zen in the labour room I need to be knowledgeable well do not worry a full Hypnobirthing course fills you with knowledge through the two practical sessions on what happens before and at birth.

For those choosing to Hypnobirth you can do it in several ways. You can attend a course in person (great way to meet other new parents to be), you can do an online course and take it in your own time, or you can leave the practical side (if it is just zen you want) and listen to the audios and practice the breathing techniques. Good news moms at The Om Moms you can do all three of these! Not to mention our birth partner day retreats which focus entirely on Hypnobirthing and birth preparation. To find out more book a discovery call with me.

So in a nutshell to all those parents looking at getting ready for a calm pregnancy and a confident birth look no further and get started as soon as you are feeling the urge to plan, prepare and empower!

If you would like to try a hypnobirthing course at your own pace I’ve developed a full online course for the modern mom, you can purchase online at www.happybirthingexperience.com

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