What to pack in your Pregnancy Hospital Bag in 2023 Top Tips

what to pack in your pregnancy hospital bag

It’s that all important time to start packing your hospital bag but then you think what actually goes into a hospital bag?

You Google what do moms pack in their  hospital bag and endless lists appear and quite often of the brand that has written the list advertising what they sell to go in. So what really is needed and what is not. Well it will differ from mom to mom but the essentials remind the same and who better to help you pack your hospital bag than a real live mom to be.


So gather all your lists from Google mom and then ask your gal pals who have given birth before or those packing theirs too  and see what’s going in their bags.


How To Pack A Pregnancy Hospital Bag Like A Pro Top Tips From a MOM on Second Child


Recently The Om Moms interviewed two people on what to pack. One was a mom herself who now makes boxes of ‘moms things’ for pregnancy and birth from her own personal experiences and the other was a second time mom to be who actually packed her bags with us. So what more could we ask for two valuable sources on what to pack in 2022.


Modern Moms Hospital Bag Packing Tips

So just what does the modern mom to be pack in her hospital bag? Well it’s actually not just one bag but there’s more. Sarah shared her three bags and then her husband was packing his own so one more still to go. So what were in those three all important bags. One was hers, one was babies and one was for the room! Yes for the room decor itself.  And I’m not talking a shopping trip from Ikea but things to go in a room that you like, make you feel good. Think how to make the hospital more like your home than a hospital room.


There was a diffuser, essential oils, led candles, room sprays, pillow spray. You name there’s a spray for everything. Even one for moms ‘bits’ down there after! So this third bag is basically a bag of happiness! Did you know if you create the same feel and vibe of your happy comfortable home, a place you feel relaxed in you will slip back into that vibe once you reach the hospital and decorate. Sit in a brightly lit room surrounded by monitors and hospital equipment you feel like your in hospital. Enough said!


Giving Birth and Feeling Comfortable

Also mom it’s not just the room that need to be comfortable you need to be comfortable. From hair ties to dry shampoo get packing your bag of essential luxuries.


So what else what was in the bags. Well a little bit of everything from the standard big knickers, breast pads and baby outfits to the more essential modern day items like a postpartum perineal squeeze bottle.  There really is a lot and more than a mini stay cay.


To find out more about what Momcare offer in their Pregnancy boxes and what Sarah was packing watch the videos and get your own lists going.




So start thinking about packing around 36 weeks ready for when your full term and maybe ready to go. Keep your bag with you as you don’t know when you will be using it!

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