Moms Escape Bundle


  • Breathe to calm and to relax
  • Listen to guided relaxations to let go
  • Combine the two for a full mind and body experience
  • 2 breathing techniques to relax and 3 guided imagery relaxation to escape and de stress.

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Do you feel that life is busy, the mind is full, and it is hard to relax? Do you want to relax but don’t really know how, or you know how but need something to allow you to carve out the oh so important time needed just for you? With this full relaxation bundle you will escape in the mind and body with 2 breathing techniques to relax and to calm and 3 guided imagery relaxation to escape and de stress.

Feel the benefits of deep relaxed breathing, become attuned with your body, pause, and refresh. Listen to guided relaxations which allow your mind to take a journey into a world of peace. Combine your breathing with your relaxations and enjoy the total experience of release.

In this bundle there is also your Om Moms positive affirmations designed for all women to connect, add positivity to the mind and find your mom mojo.

Completely let go and escape with this total relaxation bundle designed to connect your body and mind and simply let it all go. Let us visit places of pure tranquillity. Come join me on a journey of all things Om.


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