Many women during pregnancy have a fear of birth, that its going to hurt, that it’s going to take a long time.

You might be feeling your partner is not up for helping you, you think you have to do this alone, you are unsure of what type of birth you will be able to do, the worry of a caesarean section.

Do you want your birth to be different and I mean different from those horror stories women delight in telling pregnant women

This is the very reason I developed this Hypnobirthing Breath Work, Guided Relaxation & Pregnancy Yoga Bundle. Over the last 8 years through my experience of teaching over 1000’s of women globally to have better births I’ve now distilled this down to:

  • Reducing fear
  • Connecting the mind and body
  • Relaxing the mind
  • Creating confident parents to be
  • Relaxing the body
  • Strengthening the body
  • Increasing positivity

By using the techniques I am giving you in this bundle you will feel calm, gain confidence and be empowered. You will know how to prepare not just your body but your mind too for birth and for motherhood.

Listen to Emma’s testimonial who had the same fears just like you before wanting to change their mindset and look forward to a positive birth.

What you get with this bundle

  • Breathing techniques to use in pregnancy to stay calm and relaxed
  • A 45 minute birth preparation yoga video focusing on how to strengthen and prepare the body. This includes yoga poses which can be used in early labour
  • Breathing techniques to use in active labour and the breathing baby down stage
  • 2 guided relaxation videos to listen to and watch during pregnancy to relax your mind. You will also be able to birth with these too
  • Breathing techniques to use in birth to focus and invite in calm to your environment
  • Positive affirmations to mentally prepare the mind and induce positivity
  • A fear release guided relaxation video for days when the mind has a wobble

All relaxation audios, breathing techniques and positive affirmation audios are also on video and set in the scenic countryside of Scotland.