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Breathe and relax the mind in pregnancy. Prepare for birth in a calm, confident manner all from the comfort of your own home

Maybe you have noticed, or you have been told by literally everyone, that in pregnancy it is a time to slow down. It is a time to nurture your growing body, to relax your busy mind, and to prepare yourself for birth (may I add when you feel ready). Feels like a lot going on but I am going to show you howto do this is a calm and confident manner with that all important Ommmmm about you.

I know in my own pregnancy lets just say I was a lot less Om than I thought I would be. My hormones decided to rage around my body like a whirl wind  allowing me enough freak out moments to panic myself into oblivion and enough funny stories for my husband in the future to last a lifetime. But what I started to learn that is was just the change my hormones doing this (it wasn’t me I promise!)  So how did I cope and turn myself into I like to think into more of an Om Mom rather than a worried mom.

Was there a magic cure? Well yes there was it was called the breath. And dare I say it, it was all in the mind.

With that in mind I have created these bundles to help you through pregnancy and prepare you for birth. Even if you are rocking the Om mom mind and body already these bundles will enhance your pregnancy journey and prepare you for the big day itself. All you need to do is carve out a little bit of time each day to sit in peace and quiet and shut the eyes. I know life just gets busier and busier and finding time can seem hard but this sounds like something we can do right?

So join me on this journey of zen as I take you to the beauty of Scotland. Whether you want to learn breathing techniques to calm and connect your breathe to the body (which by the way is essential for birth), whether you want to learn to still the mind though mediation and be taken on a guided relaxation to escape, or whether you want the full Hypnobirthing package where you learn how to breathe effectively, meditate to Hypnobirthing audios and release the mind to guided imagery. Check out a taster of each of my bundles below!

Pregnancy Yoga Video Bundles

Allow yourself time just for you. Learn to still the mind, to perfect the breathe and to let go. Enjoy the relaxing ride on your pregnancy journey

Pregnancy Breathing Bundle

BUY or RENT this bundle to learn the important breathing techniques to keep you calm in pregnancy and each day allow yourself to be to that oh so Om mom. Use these techniques daily and take that Om into your doctors appointments and the labour room. Learn how to breathe on the big day itself to connect your mind and body together to work through the surges in a confident manner and empowered  to breathe your baby down. This bundle includes 2 x breathing techniques for pregnancy and 2 x breathing techniques for birth.


Pregnancy Meditation Bundle

BUY or RENT this Bundle and allow your mind to escape on a journey of all things Om. In this bundle you will find meditation audios and videos to allow even the busiest of minds to relax. Included are 3 x Hypnobirthing tracks where you will be guided through pregnancy, childbirth and fear release which can be listened to often to re programme the mind. You will also receive 2 x guided imagery relaxations to help with baby bonding and that all important moms sleep.


Hypnobirthing Bundle

BUY or RENT the full Hypnobirthing Bundle the package if you want it all.  Here are your audios and videos to become a Hypnobirthing Om Mom with 3 x Hypnobirthing tracks where you will be guided through pregnancy, childbirth and fear release which can be listened to often to re programme the mind, 3 x breathing techniques to be used in pregnancy and preparation for birth and your Om Moms positive affirmations which you can play daily on a loop to induce positivity into the mind. Included is a bonus 45 minute prenatal yoga video to practice to in preparation for birth.

This is a good bundle if you are interested in learning how to Hypnobirth or maybe you did a course on your last pregnancy and are looking for new tracks and techniques to improve on. Please note this bundle is included in the full hypnobirthing toolbox course with Ellie in person or online.