Om Mommy’s day retreat at Al Barari

Our first Om moms retreat at Al Barari and wowee. It felt like I had left Dubai for the day (by the way staying is not a bad thing) but left and found pure fresh air and greenery.

It had been a while I had thought about bringing a group of mums out for a day and just doing all things yoga, birth preparation and just MOM to be. It also took a while to find the right location. I mean you can’t just retreat anywhere as when you go on a retreat you simply retreat. So yes scenery is everything.  It is so amazing to simply get away, to lose yourself and to well simply retreat. But in the right place.

So for a day was this even possible? Well yes when I found the beautiful Al Barari which was like a breath of fresh air and just what we needed for The Om Moms.

So a day at a retreat with the Om moms to be. Arrive and meet the crew. That is your new mom gang and well me!  Then it’s down to prenatal yoga, Hypnobirthing sessions and more yoga. All this with guest speakers in between offering lots of information and not to mention amazing discounts on their services. The time just flew by in a breath of fresh air.

And what more to break up the day with an amazing lunch at The Farm. Now if you have never been to The Farm at Al Barari you need to go. The food is fresh, healthy, beautiful to look at and amazing to taste. It does not disappoint. The moms all agreed the food was on point. We lounged around letting the luxurious lunch go down and all time to chat to the fellow moms to be. I mean mom friends are the best friends so where else to start finding them but a moms to be yoga retreat.

After lunch it’s back to yoga but in a more horizontal way and we were treated to the subtle yet powerful and therapeutic sound healing by the lovely Jess at Bo Tree Wellness. Sound healing is a journey that relaxes the body, clears the subconscious, calms the mind and activates the body’s natural healing systems. All very Om more mom to be. Everyone literally floated away after Jess’s magical tones.

So on that note so did I too. Off home for a long zzzz after an amazing full day of all things Om, and all things mom. It is so true fresh air is good for the soul. Al Barari we will be back!

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