Om Hypnobirthing toolbox online

Come and join us online either on a zoom online and live course worldwide or a buy our Om Moms online Hypnobirthing toolbox to a a time that suits you.

Welcome to the Om Moms Online. Here we take what we do online so you can become an Om Mom from the comfort of your own home. We offer Om Moms Hypnobirthing and Om Moms Hypnoyoga retreats online

The Om Moms Hypnobirthing toolbox’ online course yours to keep, to refer to again and again throughout your pregnancy.
Birthing a baby can be one of the most empowering experiences of a woman’s life. When a baby is born a mother is born too. If you want to learn how to birth your baby calmly and confidently and become knowledgeable knowing what you are preparing for then this is the course for you. Know what you want and how to achieve it. No need to be a birthing diva just recognise you have rights and options which will allow you to have the best birth possible for you and your baby. And it all begins here.

The Om Moms Hypnobirthing toolbox online is an online course covering everything we cover in person. Here you can work at your own pace in your own time. You will be part of a Facebook community to ask any questions on the course.

Welcome video to Om Moms online

The Om Moms pregnancy yoga and Hypnobirthing retreat. Come along on a Om Mommy to be retreat and practice pregnancy yoga, Hypnoyoga (a fusion of yoga and Hypnobirthing), learn about yoga for birth and get your Om on with Hypnobirthing audios and guided relaxations. All on a retreat without having to leave the comfort of your own home. Come and visit our first retreat in the beauty of Scotland and pick your own playlist from breathing styles to your practice on the mat and your zen time all in different beautiful locations.

The Om Moms Hypnobirthing toolbox online

So what is in that all so important toolbox?

The Om Moms Hypnobirthing is a course to help relax you, empower you, and prepare both you and your birth partner for that all important big day and beyond.

Here is a list of topics with an outline of the course. We will delve deeply into each topic, so you are knowledgeable, confident in your own decisions and empowered in your pregnancy and yourself. Online you can take these sessions at your own pace but please make sure to do them in order.

Suitable for
Expecting couples to be
Please contact Ellie
Please contact Ellie
Please contact Ellie

What do you want and what I can offer you

Congratulations when is the baby due?

Congratulations when is the baby due?

What is Hypnobirthing and self-hypnosis your new superpower!

Freeze, fight, flight or staying calm? You choose

The fear, tension, pain cycle

Staying Om trust the process – a relaxation script (get comfy for this one)

Breath it out

The Om Moms yogic breath

The Om Moms surge breath

Relaxation scripts

Partner script – Om Moms stroking relaxation

Staying Om in pregnancy

Staying Om in childbirth

So how are these relaxations going to help me?

Ok so that’s pregnancy but what do I do with these scripts during childbirth itself?

Relaxation triggers

What triggers do I have in my toolbox?

Om Moms positive affirmations

Your birthing colour – what is yours and how will it help you

The physical side

How to prepare the body to give birth

Om Moms prenatal yoga for pregnancy and birth

Pelvic floor exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor

Perineal massage to increase the elasticity of the perineum and prepare it for childbirth

Understanding the body. Understanding how to give birth

The muscles of the Uterus and how they (not we) give birth

The not so fun stuff

Baby’s position

Inductions (what really happens)

Use your B.R.A.I.N.S – Understanding how to structure questions to get the answer you need

Staying Om fear release script – for days with a wee wobble

The all-important birth partners list of things to do!

What to expect and what to do early labour

Is natural induction really a thing?

What to expect – know the signs

So, what to do?

How to manage active labour a walk through your birth

The journey in

Make the room your own

Birth preferences and a note to the midwife

Vaginal examinations yes or no?

Yoga postures to help you during this time

How to breath your baby down

The Om Moms down breath and soothing massage

The golden hour what’s what and why is it so important?

Skin to skin


Delayed cord clamping

Vitamin K injection

Delivery of the placenta

Practice, practice, practice – what do I need to do and when

Staying Om a new life inside script

You will also receive:

  • Audios of your Staying Om in pregnancy, Staying Om in Childbirth and Staying Om fear release Hypnobirthing relaxations
  • A birth partner script
  • Audio of The Om Moms positive affirmations
  • Birth partners empowering questions and list of what to do!
  • List of what to pack in your hospital bag
  • An Om Moms tote bag
  • And a free Om Moms 20-minute prenatal yoga sequence!
  • All this and so much more. You will be filled with knowledge and relaxation.

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