Moms Bundles

Relax, breath, meditate and let go in the comfort of your own home with my bundles.

Do you feel that life is busy and so is your mind.  Do you crave a little time out but don’t really know where to start or what to do when you get it.  I know I used to get worried by the small things that then grew bigger and took up too much of my attention. When I discovered yoga and meditation it was a game changer of relaxation.

These bundles have been created with the busy woman in mind. Maybe you are a new mom and adapting to new life or maybe mothering a new business and find it hard to switch off. These bundles have been created with love and care as that is what you deserve. With these bundles you will learn to breath in a way that relaxes yet energises you, meditate and still the mind (even for the most fidgety people) and above all LET GO. Life is so much easier when we clear the mind, go at our own pace and appreciate the beauty around us. This is why you will be taken to the beauty of Scotland to enjoy your escape.  Enjoy the journey, happiness is not the destination.

There is a bundle for everyone depending on your focus. The breath or the mind or both. The escape package does what it says on the tin. Check out a taster of each of my bundles below!

Pregnancy Yoga Video Bundles

Allow yourself time just for you. Learn how to breath and meditate or deepen your practice. Let the magic begin.

Breathing Bundle $35

Learn and practice 4 oh so important yogic breathing techniques to relax, calm, energise and vitalise. Awaken your senses through the breath. Use these daily and notice a difference in your focus and  your perspective.

Meditation Bundle $45

Allow your mind to release on a journey of all things Om. In this bundle you will find meditation audios and videos to allow even the busiest of minds to relax. Included are 3 x guided relaxations from the beach to the forest to your bed! Also there is a New moon and a Full moon guided relaxation to be used around these times of the lunar cycle to set new life goals and  release and let go. 

This bundle is suited to those who would like to learn to meditate or have a mediation practice they would like to deepen. This is also good for those who follow (or wish to start following) the lunar cycle and incorporate it into their daily lives.

Escape Bundle $65

This is the package if you want it all. Here are your audios and videos to escape, release and let go. There are 3 x breathing techniques where you will be guided into a place of calm in the mind, 3 x guided relaxations from the beach to the forest to your bed, and your positive affirmations which you can play daily on a loop to induce positivity into the mind.

This is a good bundle if you are interested in learning to relax and not sure where to start or you want to deepen your practice and use the breathe and the mind together to enhance your mental wellbeing.