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Mom and Movers yoga


The Om Moms proudly offers Mom and movers yoga for our mini budding yogis. This is where Mom & baby yoga leaves and Movers take over. Suddenly the room is your yoga mat!

This class is suitable for crawling babies and toddlers. Where as there is no real age limit please know there may be toddling ones around the crawlers but this is how they learn and the interaction is beautiful. In the class we practice our moving babies yoga poses and if you came to Mom & baby yoga they are similar but in different positions as no longer is baby laying on their back. You will find them in all positions! You will discover how to yoga effectively alongside your growing and moving little one. There is also yoga poses for two and then they play and the moms yoga and is the little ones want to join in more the merrier. This is is an interactive class for both.

Classes are encouraged to be taken weekly to gain the maximum benefits so children can follow their yoga journey. There are also drop in classes as we know our lives and little ones social lives are busy. During the class your child will learn different yoga poses and breathing exercises which are taught through stories and interactive activities. They will learn about balance, posture, the art of being still (very good for children!), and breathing. All this is done in a fun and positive manner. Yoga helps children slow down in the ever so busy world we now live in rushing from place to place. It will take their eyes off the screen and teach them about fun through movement and fun with friends.

Crawlers and toddlers yoga helps them understand their bodies and just what they can do. It is amazing how quickly how young they are to learn and understand the poses. You will be guided through each pose safely with songs and movement to entertain and encourage your little ones participation. And if your thinking my one will just want to run around and not join in that okay they can join in when they want and trust me when they see Mom in some funny yoga moves they want to do them too. Feel free to bring any toys for their entertainment although I will be entertaining them too on our yoga story journey.

Classes are offered as a single drop in weekly class with or without the brunch package. Brunch follows the class and is a chance for Moms to socialise and chat you never know your little one may be so tired from the yoga they take a nap! There are also packages where you can buy more classes to get more yoga for your money and make it more of a regular thing

Come join me on the mat whether your little one enjoyed baby yoga and you would like to continue or this is new to you. Your little one will enjoy the yoga journey with you building strength and independence. With this confidence they can express themselves better. They will build an inner strength, gain focus, learn about alignment and co-ordination and become more flexible. All whilst having super amounts of FUN! 

Plus Mom its also a great opportunity to energise YOU! As Moms we tire quickly both physically and mentally and this practice will energise you. It is also a bonding practice as time well spent with you and your child .  See you on the mat Mom.


Suitable for
Crawling babies and toddlers
Day & Time
Wednesdays 11.15 am followed by brunch
Circle Café Jumeriah Islands
Single class 125 aed without brunch
Single class 170 aed WITH BRUNCH
Single class 170 aed WITH BRUNCH
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