In Person Classes

What are the options for classes?

There are pregnancy yoga and birth preparation 4 week courses or keep coming and make it your weekly go to class. Hypnobirthing courses and birth preparation workshops and mom to be retreats. 

For the moms and babies there is a weekly mom and baby yoga class and  baby yoga and  breakfast starting back in October. For mom and dads there is baby yoga and massage in set 5 week blocks.

To find out more head to the main page of each class type. You will find your chosen class on the date in the schedule above to book. You can book your in person classes by clicking sign up. Read up on your class from the schedule (don’t forget there is also a full page on what happens at each class if you head to classes!) book your space and I will see you on the mat.


Any q’s just reach out!

Any questions mom?

If you have any questions on working out during pregnancy, Hypnobirthing and Birth Preparation or mom and baby classes or you just want to say Hi drop me a line and I will personally be in touch.