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The Om Moms Club Community

Welcome to my OM Demand platform and Your Home Studio. Welcome to The Om Moms Community for Moms to be. This is a platform dedicated to pregnant Moms to help you get fit and flexible, build strength and stamina and prepare the mind and body for birth. Join our community and you will receive an Online Demand Library constantly being updated full of

  • Breathwork for Pregnancy and Childbirth (and how about life as a new Mom as these skills will be with you forever if practiced regularly now)
  • Yoga Express Stretches, Daily routines, Yoga flows all varying in length depending on what you want to do, what part of your body you want target and your energy levels
  • Guided relaxation and Meditations to relax your mind if you’re feeling stressed in the day or to help you drift off to sleep at night. You get to choose when to listen to them; it is not just at the end of your yoga practice now.

Choose what you want to practice and when you want to practice. Breathe, do yoga or meditate or combine them all together in any order.  Your choice. Freedom.

We take the travel out of your pregnancy journey for you so you get to concentrate on the important things like relaxing the mind, working out, enjoying yoga. When you can practice from anywhere you wish you will practice more often. You can do yoga from your bedroom floor or sit and practice breathwork from your office chair.  Your Home Studio is your choice. Plus we like to travel and so can you. Immerse yourself in new scenery, in places of peace and calm and let your mind do the wandering.

Not only is there an Online Demand Library but weekly Prenatal yoga and other classes. Also time to Q&A and meet the Moms after the Livestream classes and regularly on Ellies ‘Get to know Bump’ sessions just for the Community.

Also courses for those wanting to educate, empower and build confidence.  We have it all here for you in The Om Moms COMMUNITY Om Mom. To start enjoy a FREE 7 day trial from us and get moving in our community, get moving together.

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  • 4 days to go until your 5 day free ‘Get into Pregnancy yoga’ is released 🚀 join The Om Moms today 🌎

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  • 5 days to go 🚀 until the launch of your FREE 5 day ‘Get into pregnancy yoga’ send me your email to be one of the first to experience it wherever you are in the 🌎 

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  • Mom and baby yoga for new moms and babies and no yoga experience required! 

🧘‍♀️Get fit and flexible 
🧘‍♀️Enjoy the feeling of movement 
🧘‍♀️Become strong and build stamina 
🧘‍♀️Meet your likeminded Mom gang

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  • Busy behind the scenes 🎥 new things are coming to The Om Moms (all the way from beautiful Thailand 🌴) and I cannot wait to share! 

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  • When the ladies of JLL go out

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  • Up earlier than Christmas 🐣🍫🥚

For those mums not wanting too much chocolate chalk dino chalk eggs are a good alternative and also good for the garden (not that I had to worry about chocolate melting in the sun at 6.10 am 🙄)

#eastereggs #easter #chocolateheaven #easter
  • Pregnancy yoga is it the same as yoga or different?? Yes it is the same as yoga BUT with subtle differences to ENHANCE your practice.

In pregnancy yoga we look at your growing body and adapt the moves to feel more comfortable. Postures are designed to 

🧘‍♀️Release tension from niggly areas such as the back, shoulders and hips
🧘‍♀️Help avoid a sore back by stretching and straightening out the spine
🧘‍♀️Keep the body aligned and bring about a balance to mind and body wellbeing 
🧘‍♀️Build strength and stamina to the body ready to tackle the third trimester and prepare a string mom
🧘‍♀️Relax the mind to release stresses and worries 
🧘‍♀️Prepare the body for birth by strengthening the uterine muscles and making moms body more flexible

INTRIGUED? Watch out for the Om Moms ‘get into pregnancy yoga’ series soon 👀 watch this INSTA space! 

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  • And that’s a Thailand wrap (although expect reels for months!) busy planning another trip as that was amazing. Happy faces all round 💚

#thailand #thailandtravels #vacation #happyfaces
  • Happy Mother’s Day and what a place to be treated 💛 🥂 I am forever grateful to be your mum.

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  • Last family day out at expo and again it did not disappoint. I literally cannot believe how some people have not been!! I’m 😱 
Today marked 20 million visitors and we got the special expo stamp in the passport. I do though think they were all at the water feature when we were there today (see the video 🙈)
Hands down an amazing place designed to suit everyone. You will most def find something you like. I particularly liked the Aussie bar haha. Needless to say we will miss it. 

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  • We did it again! This time no puppy to make it more of a 🏋️‍♀️ 🏃‍♀️we also took a different  trail and it felt like another hike (apart from the killer steps at the beginning. They were still a killer) 

Make sure to use the toilets at the carpark. At least a 7 year old boy can 💩 in the wild thank god it wasn’t me 🙏
  • 📚 📚📚📚📚 

Pretty impressed with my home made outfit for 5 dhs (for a pair of xs marigolds!) everything else was from the cupboard. And a photoshoot in the bath, on the front step (and a foggy traffic jam) that made us late!

Ps it’s Supertato for the moms out there! 🦸‍♂️ 🥔 

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