Birth Partner 101

Birth partner preparation workshop


Birth Partners assemble for The Om Moms Birth Partner 101. Want to bring a secret weapon to the birthing room? An educated Birth Partner! If so then this is the course for you (both!)


Birth Partner 101 is a 2 hour workshop for both both Mom and her Birth Partner to learn the practicalities of pregnancy and birth together as a TEAM.

Mom do you ever find yourself saying ‘I feel like I am doing this alone’, ‘He just doesn’t understand how I feel’, ‘I don’t think my Birth partner is taking on this new role seriously’, ‘I wish he could learn more and be more involved’.

Maybe on the other hand your Birth Partner is thinking ‘I feel left out and I don’t know what to do to support her’, ‘I wish I could be more educated in what to do’ , ‘What am I supposed to do on the day let alone everyday in pregnancy’, ‘What kind of Dad will I be if I can’t get involved now’.

So many questions from two different sides but lets make a team and conquer pregnancy and birth together as things are just so much easier when shared.

You will get to learn about the importance and role of a Birth Partner, the do’s and the don’ts in ALL stages of birth.  This starts from pregnancy into early labour, the journey in to the hospital, active labour and all the way through to the pushing/ breathing baby down stage. Oh and not to forget after birth!

This workshop is designed to get you on the same page and navigate pregnancy and birth TOGETHER. This in turn helps you prepare for parenthood together too. Win win!

Limited spaces for personal one on one attention. This is a 2 hour jam packed workshop where you will have both a practical and a movement session with plenty of time for Q&A.  During the practical side you can listen to advice and ask questions and in the movement session expect to MOVE. We will be doing yoga postures for pregnancy and labour, breathing to use all throughout your birth and meditation to learn the art of relaxation. 

Expect to educate yourself, and learn to breathe and move. Leave feeling empowered and ready to take on birth not just on your own but together!


If you like the sound of this but want even MORE then check out my Hypnobirthing page as this too is for the Birth Partner and you but goes even deeper in a 10 hour course. 

If you like the sound of Birth Partner 101 but would like to listen to Hypnobirthing tracks and practice your breathing techniques you can buy the Hypnobirthing bundle with breathing, audios, videos, positive affirmations and even a Hypnoyoga video to practice to. Just visit my Om Moms shop!


Come join me Ellie your personal birth cheerleader in one of my birth preparation courses.


Suitable for
Pregnant couples in second and third trimesters
Nook Wellness studio One JLT
Day & Time
Fridays 9 am
Next workshops
May 28th and June 25th
350 aed per couple