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Birth partner workshop


Birth Partners assemble for the Birth partners workshop. This is specifically designed for both mom and birth partner to learn together.

Mom do you ever find yourself saying ‘I feel like I am doing this alone’, ‘He just doesn’t understand how I feel’, ‘I don’t think my Birth partner is taking on this new role seriously’, ‘I wish he could learn more and be more involved’.

Maybe on the other hand your Birth Partner is thinking ‘I feel left out and I don’t know what to do to support her’, ‘I wish I could be more educated in what to do’ , ‘What am I supposed to do on the day let alone everyday in pregnancy’.

So many questions from two different sides but let us make a team and conquer pregnancy and birth together as things are just so much easier when shared. This workshop is designed to get you on the same page and navigate pregnancy and birth TOGETHER. This in turn helps you prepare for parenthood together too. Win win!

Limited spaces for personal one on one attention. This is a 2 and a half  hour jam packed workshop where you will have both a practical and a movement session with plenty of time for Q&A.  During the practical side you can listen to advice and ask questions and in the movement session expect to MOVE. We will be doing yoga postures for pregnancy and labour, breathing to use all throughout your birth and meditation to learn the art of relaxation.  Included is a birth partner script and a FREE 45 minute Hypnoyoga video to practice together at home.

Expect to educate yourself, and learn to breathe and move. Leave feeling empowered and ready to take on birth not just on your own but together!


Birth Preparation workshop


This 2 and a half hour workshop is for those looking at learning more about birth itself. Starting with writing of birth preferences, preparing the body for birth (think yoga, breathing, meditation, pelvic floor training, perineal massage), going onto a step by step guide through birth from early to active labour and all the way to breathing your baby down and out. Plus after birth and the all important Golden Hour. This workshop will educate and empower you mom. Mom can either come alone or bring alone birth partner. More the merrier!


Included in this course is a guided relaxation for birth and some positive affirmations, and a list of what mom needs to pack in their hospital bag.


You can do either workshop depending on your focus and what you want to prepare for. Or you can do both! If you like the sound of these workshops  but want even MORE then check out my Hypnobirthing page as The Om Moms Hypnobirthing toolbox covers both the workshops but a whole load more with the zen and relaxation side where we tap into the subconscious mind. Included in The Om Moms Hypnobirthing toolbox is the full Hypnobirthing BUNDLE with all the breathing, guided relaxations and positive affirmation set in the beauty of Scotland. The bundle is both audio and visual to enhance with your relaxation process.

Also you can visit my Om Moms shop page  for BREATHING, MEDITATION and HYPNOBIRTHING BUNDLES. These bundles are experiences to guide you through pregnancy and into birth. 


Come join me Ellie your personal birth cheerleader in one of my birth preparation courses.


Suitable for
Pregnant couples in second and third trimesters
Nook Wellness studio One JLT
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Friday 1st October 10.30 am
Friday 5th November 10.30 am
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400 aed per workshop or 700 aed for both booked together


Birth Partner workshop

Birth Partners assemble for this exclusive workshop specifically designed for both mom and birth partner to connect and learn together. A 2 and a half hour workshop focusing on:

  • The importance of and the role of the birth partner
  • How to be that all important mental and physical support
  • What to pack in the hospital bags (moms, dads and babies!)
  • Support in early labour and how to promote labour with yoga and breathing
  • Learn to relax together through music and meditation
  • How to navigate the journey in to the hospital tips and tricks
  • How to be the voice to take over when mom is busy giving birth and what to say
  • How to be a part of active labour. What to do and not to do!

*Accompanied by your  FREE guided partner relaxation script plus 45 minute Hypnoyoga video to practice together.

*Come to one workshop for 400 aed or both for just 700 aed!


Birth workshop

Moms and birth partner too (optional) welcome to your workshop on everything birth related. A 2 and a half hour workshop focusing on:

  • How to write a birth plan (or several depending on the different routes of birth)
  • How to prepare the body to give birth with yoga, pelvic floor exercises and perineal massage
  • The signs of early labour
  • Active labour a step by step guide
  • The importance of music and positive affirmations in birth. Plus how to decorate your hospital room to make it feel like home
  • Breathing techniques for each stage of labour. Early, active and the all important breathing baby down stage.
  • After birth and the Golden Hour

*Accompanied by your FREE Om Moms relaxation script for birth with positive affirmations and a list of what to pack in moms hospital bag.

*Come to one workshop for 400 aed or both for just 700 aed!